Presentation Series

All presentations will be free and run from 6:00pm to 7:00 pm at: 9300 Tech Center Drive, Suite 250 Sacramento, CA 95827

2017 Presentation Schedule

January N/A
February 28 Introduction to OCD, Treatment and Recovery. Presented by Dr. Robin Zasio, PsyD, LCSW
March 14 Continuing Success After Treatment. Presented by Jill Kruse
Aril 11 Treatment From Another Perspective: A Panel of Spouses, Parents, and Family Members Who Have a Loved One in Treatment for an Anxiety Disorder. Presented by Tracy Roulet, PsyD
May 16 Finding My Way Back: An Inspirational Story about OCD. Presented by Brian McPeak
June 13 Barriers in Treatment. Presented by Elizabeth Dale
July 11 The Role of the Client: Therapist Relationship in the Client’s Transformation from a Life of Suffering from OCD to a Life of Thriving with OCD. Presented by Dr. Dana Matalon, PsyD,and Ed Hernnberger
August 15 I am NOT My Disorder: Testimony from a 15-year-old Girl. Presented by Sabrina Lopez
September 12 OCD in Children and Adolescents. Presented by Kathy Ventry, LMFT
October 10 Conquering Your Clutter: An Introduction to Hoarding Disorder. Presented by Cookie Kipp, MFTI

Reserved seating is encouraged. Contact Dr. Robin Zasio, PsyD, LCSW at 916.366.0647, Ext. 4 or at We encourage those interested to become a member of the International OCD Foundation which, if you are in the OCD Sacramento’s catchment area, will automatically include you as a member of the affiliate. If you are a member of OCD Sacramento, there is no fee for all presentations. If not, we encourage a $5.00 donation fee to support our Sacramento affiliate office.